August 5th. 2019 This is to advise everyone that FBY 803 is currently en route to the UK. I am aware that various rumours have been circulating about this bus. It was purchased on eBay by the well-known actor and comedian Johnny Vegas and is to be used as a static vehicle for "glamping" which is apparently some upmarket version of camping, so it will be internally converted but the plan is to keep it looking like a Malta bus. Johnny and entourage visited us at the St Helens transport museum in May because he was aware that DBY 318 lives there and we talked at length about the project. He is a native and resident of St Helens. Great problems have been experienced getting the bus to the UK which could have been solved had he visited us prior to trying to do it all unaided but that is water under the bridge. The bus has been in Valencia where I understand it was photographed and the picture circulated on the internet.It went from there to Salerno and yesterday sailed for Southampton where it is expected to arrive next Sunday. I have permission from Johnny's PA to publicise this now as it is seemingly in the public domain. .Mike Lloyd.