236 (1972 to 2011) {latterly DBY 318} In December 1969 an application was submitted to construct a locally built chassis using a set of new Bedford chassis beams, a Bedford 7-ton front axle and Bedford springs (all purchased from Zammit of Zebbug) and to use the Deutz engine from the old 236 (replaced with a Perkins unit). Completion of the bus took some time and the IER for the completed bus is dated 24/6/72. The chassis is listed as having a rear overhang of 7’2” (no wheelbase measurement mentioned) and the bodywork built by Brincat was 28’5” long, 7’7” wide, with an external height of 8’11” and seating 36. A Malta Police chassis number of MP243 was allocated at the time of build. A Leyland 400 engine was fitted in November 1979, and the bus was carrying registration A-0236 by the end of December 1980. It had become Y-1019 by January 1984 and Y-0318 by April 1985. A report dated February 1986 referred to the planned up seating from 36 to 40 passengers, whilst another report dated May 1988 referred to up seating to 45 possible by adding a bench of 5 seats at the rear of the vehicle if the emergency exit was moved from the rear to the right side of the bus. An AEC AV505 engine was fitted in October 1989 and a Leyland DAF engine fitted in March 2003. ----------- Details kindly provided by Richard Stedall from his 'Rummaging Notes'