Peter Skerry writes: As you will be aware I have very strong views on the release of current information regarding the storing and disposal of the old Malta Bus Fleet. At the risk of repeating myself this is only to prevent potential opposition using any up to the minute information to hamper the registration, potential future use and/or export of such buses thereby hopefully securing the survival of as many of these buses as possible. However, as this only relates to the current situation, and not of the times gone by, as a consequence of which I have decided to release a considerable number of images, taken by me during July 2011, on to  These images cover the handover of by far the majority of buses transferred from owners to the authorities. An initial delivery was made to Hal Far on the first day and then the remainder to the Malta Dry Dock Yard in Marsa. Since then a significant number of buses have since been relocated to private buyers, Heritage Malta and in many cases the scrap yards. These images do not imply that the buses remain at these original handover points but they do represent an important milestone in the history of the Maltese Buses. Many images could possibly represent the final photographs ever taken of some of these vehicles. In conclusion I would like to confirm that other than those buses purchased from owners direct (and therefore not traded) no buses would have been saved at all had it not been for the interest and flexibility of certain individuals at Heritage Malta. July 2011 saw a major victory for the enthusiast but the war continues and all could be lost at the stroke of a pen. For those with longer memories - it has happened before. Peter Skerry -----------------------------------